Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wanted: A Good Conceptual Structure for Algebra 2

In my note-taking post, I talked about structuring my summer Geometry class conceptually.

I am interested in doing the same thing for my Algebra 2 Honors class this fall. I want to figure out an overarching structure for the Algebra 2 standards. Here is my very initial idea for categories:

- Manipulating Expressions
(simplifying, factoring, polynomial operations, etc.)
- Solving Equations
(solving by factoring, quadratic formula, completing the square, finding roots of a graph, using logarithms, etc.)
- Working with Inequalities
(absolute value inequalities, polynomial inequalities, graphing inequalities, linear programming)
- Graphing Functions
(quadratics, higher order polynomials, rationals, logs and exponentials, etc.)
- The Number System
(sets of numbers, properties)

Any thoughts? If you have experience with Algebra 2 concepts, how would you categorize them? This definitely needs revision and I'm sure I've forgotten things. Also, there is the problem of topics that cross over sections. I am thinking about including some sort of cross-referencing strategy (but maybe that's too much). Good thing I have all summer to mull this one over.

So far, I've had one student tell me (unsolicited) that she really likes the use of the 3-column note taking system. That's not bad for only 3 days of use!

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GDeRenzo said...

I know it has been a while since you posted this question, I only recently discovered your site. I teach in Georgia and am getting started on my own web resources. Here is a framework that I found from another school system: