Sunday, August 31, 2008

Algebra 2: nth-roots

My first unit this year is on real numbers. In the first two lessons, we learned the types of real numbers and how they are related. In this lesson, students learn what nth-roots are (they are only familiar with square roots from algebra 1). They also learn how to evaluate, estimate (including plotting on a number line), and simplify nth-roots.

Speaking of number lines, they can be a pain to make. Here is a tutorial on how to make number lines and coordinate planes in MathType. Who knew?

We have a lot of resources to work with at DCP, but one thing we are lacking in is digital projectors. We have four for the whole staff, which is adequate if they are only used for occasional movies and demonstrations. However, I started using one last year for daily lessons, and I liked it so much that I kind of reserved it every single day. It worked out ok, but I felt bad hogging a quarter of the resource for myself. So I decided to get one of my own this year. I just bought it from Amazon, and it seems like a great deal. Here is the link if you are interested. If you know anything bad about this projector, please don't tell me, since it's already being shipped!

Here are the handouts and the Keynote:
Lesson 3
Keynote (zipped)
Keynote Quictime

The projector arrived, and it is fantastic. I got the box 15 minutes before class, opened it up, plugged it in, and was good to go. It is bright enough to use with the lights on, and the colors look exactly like what's on the screen! (Neither of these things are true with our media cart projectors). And now I can take it home on the weekends and watch movies on the wall, instead of peering at the laptop screen (we don't have a TV, so...)


Nick said...

Hi Dan,

I'm looking into buying a projector. I have one at school that's been alright (an epson powerlite s3), what'd you pick up?

Also, I just stumbled here after reading your bit from the conversation on solve for x over at dy/dan. Your blog is great!

- Nick

Dan Greene said...

Hi Nick,


The one I got is also an Epson Powerlite, 77c. I don't know if that's a better or worse model than what you have, but it works great for me. There is a link to its amazon page in the original post.