Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am now fully qualified! (for the next 5 years)

After three years of emergency credentials, two years of intern credentials, and two years with a preliminary credential + the joy of BTSA:

Dear Daniel Greene

You have met all of the necessary requirements to receive a recommendation for the following document.

Credential: CL--5YR CLEAR EXPIRES EVERY 5 YEARS--: Single Subject Teaching Credential
Issuance: 07/31/2008

Pop the corks! I feel like my lesson plans are about to get a whole lot mathier.


Matthew K. Tabor said...


sam shah said...

That's great news! Congratulations!

H. said...

Congratulations :) Come on, being certifiably able to deal with the bureaucracy is a real useful skill in education.

Sarah said...

Love H's comment. Though I think you've gotten to the point where you don't have to deal with bureaucracy. At least not as much. Funny that. And again, congrats.