Monday, December 11, 2006

The Numeracy Project

To complete the dorky math teacher persona, I am in a band with some other teachers (and a couple of students). We are called The Numeracy Project, and we so rock! The other teachers in the band are actually quite good; I just strum rhythm guitar and look goofy. Sometimes we write our own songs (Wednesday, we are debuting an A. Malizia original: "Equis Cuadrada"), but mostly we take existing songs and rewrite the words. Old favorites: Sweet Home Alameda (Sweet Home Alabama); Honor Roll-a (My Sharona); My Graduation (My Generation); you get the picture. I have finally put pen to paper to try my own skills as a composer. What do you think? (The tortoise and hare is a reference to an activity done at the beginning of the slope unit.)

Slope is Rise Over Run (sung to House of the Rising Sun, by The Animals)

There is a ratio in my math class,
(they call it Algebra 1),
and it’s been the ruin of many a freshman.
For reals, it’s hella not fun!

My mind is always wandering,
the hare and tortoise run.
The teacher points, and then declares,
slope is rise over run.

The change in Y, the change in X,
the stupid race is won.
And the only answer that’s required is
slope is rise over run.

Organ Solo

Oh seniors, help the freshmen
not to do what I have done.
I wasted my time in office hours,
pretending to get homework done.

Well, I open up my textbook,
I wipe away the drool.
I’m ready to do whatever it takes
to not go to summer school.

There is a ratio in my math class,
(they call it Algebra 1).
Though it’s been the ruin of many a freshman,
now, I’m no longer one.

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Man, is that dorky! I'm linking to this blog.