Thursday, December 20, 2007

A case study: freshmen's ability to listen...

(Background: cell phones are not permitted. If seen/heard, they are confiscated until parents pick them up.)

{Phone rings; I answer}

Me: C, they need you at the front desk with your cell phone, because your sister got hurt and they don't have your mom's cell phone number.

C: (Looking angry) But I don't even have a cell phone!

Me: They don't want to take your phone, they just need your mom's number.

C: But I don't have a phone!

Me: Just go...

(5 minutes later)

C: Mr. Greene, do you know why they wanted me? My sister hurt her leg, and they needed my mom's number!

Me: That's exactly what I told you.

C: You did?

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susankellogg said...

Hahaha. Misunderstanding can be a funny thing when it doesn't hurt anybody...