Thursday, January 07, 2010

Algebra 1: Graphing Lines Practice

I just used this worksheet from Mr. K for the first time the other day.  I thought it had a pretty cool setup, but I didn't realize just how effective it would be until I used it in my first class.  The "solve the joke" aspect of it helps draw them in, but the hidden beauty is in its self-checking properties.  Since each line must pass through exactly one number and one letter, a line that doesn't do this must be graphed incorrectly.  Students started realizing this and would go back and find mistakes without having to check with an answer key.  The only bad part (sorry to say) is that they had absolutely no idea what the answer was supposed to mean (see earlier post).

I made up a "balloon pop" homework to go with this that was inspired by Green Globs.  I wish I had the tech access for my students play that game.


Glenn said...

If you have access to TI-84's you could use the Thinkdown game that you will find on Ed Keppleman's page from the University of Reno, NV.

This game was developed in the creation of our school district's Advanced Algebra Application course. It is complex (used after Algebra 2) but very worthwhile!

jason.t.stein said...

Manga High has a game that sounds similar to this. You shoot rockets to destroy incoming asteroids. It eventually gets you to use parabolic paths to avoid obstacles.

Dan Wekselgreene said...

Thanks Glenn, but unfortunately we don't have graphing calculators either. We're kind of tech deficient at my school. And Jason, I did check out that game; it's nice, but again, can't really do much with it in class.

Surani said...

Hi Dan,

I'm always so happy to see a post on your blog!

If you ever have the opportunity to take your kids to a computer lab, you could play line gems with them. Its the same thing: