Sunday, November 02, 2008

Algebra 2: Operations on Functions

I know my posts have grown dull of late. Or maybe just functional. Hopefully the files remain helpful to you all. Enjoy that extra daylight savings hour!

Lesson 5 (Operations on Functions)
Lesson 5 Keynote
Keynote Quicktime

Lesson 6 (Operations on Functions in Multiple Representations)
No Keynote for this one... it was an extended class activity that we did on halloween; I handed out a chocolate kiss to each student in the group each time the whole group finished a round. For my costume, I was La Calavera Matematica de Michoacán.


Jackie Ballarini said...

Functional is good! Thank you for sharing. Great stuff here.

Sean Henderson said...

Who/What is "La Calavera Matematica de Michoacán"? I tried to google it, but your post is pretty much the only comprehensible thing that came up

Dan Greene said...

Thanks, Jackie.

Sean -
That's my own creation... I put on skeleton face paint like a Day of the Dead character, along with a cheesy sombrero from Chevy's that a student let me borrow. I added to that my black and white "Mathematical Advisory: Explicit Functions" t-shirt and black pants, and there you have it: the mathematical skeleton from Michoacan. I threw in Michoacan because lots of my students' families are from there (but I would change it to Jalisco or whatever depending on the students I was talking to!)