Monday, November 06, 2006

November Surprise

Something happened this weekend that I don't think has ever happened in any class in the past 6 years: every student in my 3rd period Algebra 2 regular class passed the unit test. This has happened occasionally on smaller quizzes, but never on a unit test. If you have read enough of my posts to understand what DCP students are like, you'll realize that this is something of a minor miracle. This test was on systems of equations and inequalities, including a word problem and a 3x3 system of equations (with either no solution or an infinite number of solutions). The test wasn't killer, but it definitely wasn't a cakewalk.

I don't usually post about my Algebra 2 regular classes because I don't plan those lessons (we share preps to reduce workload and to ensure that all students learn the same concepts and are assessed the same way). To be honest, because I don't plan the curriculum, I don't spend as much time as I should reflecting on the progress of those classes. But I have some really great kids in those classes too (I got really lucky this year - I have almost no, shall we say, "negative personalities").

Anyway, I told my class the good news today, and I was dead right about the first words that would erupt from the crowd. Say it with me: "Do we get a pizza party?"

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