Sunday, October 12, 2008

Algebra 2: Complex Number System and Review

The skills tests I give target micro skills, in the form that they are presented on the state tests. I do my best to make sure that each question only tests one algebra skill at a time. The system has been working out well in terms of teaching and assessing those individual skills, but I still wanted to leave room for assessing students' abilities to synthesize and analyze. So I am giving periodic comprehensive exams that attempt to do that. To the right is an example of what I mean.

We are approaching the first of these, which covers material from units 1 and 2. So the last lesson and tomorrow's lesson mainly focus on review. The only newish material is to expand our understanding of the real number system to include imaginary and complex numbers. I've got some Showdown going on, some review packet action, some "how do you study for a math test" work, and so on. Here are the files.

Lesson 5 (Practice with Complex Numbers)
Lesson 6 (Complex Number System and Review)
Lesson 6 Keynote
Keynote Quicktime

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