Thursday, October 02, 2008

Algebra 2: Equations with Complex Solutions

Today, students learned how to simplify radicals with negative radicands, and how to solve equations with complex solutions. "No Real Solution" is no longer an acceptable answer to a problem. Nothing fancy, just some key examples and practice time.

The skills tests project is still going well. I had about 30 kids in after school today who were retaking one or more skills tests. The tests are short, and each one only takes me a few seconds to grade (since there is no partial credit). Students love seeing their grade go from a C or F to an A or B, just like that. Giving them frequent chances to master small sets of knowledge is proving way more effective than giving few chances to master large sets of knowledge. Not that this should be so surprising.

The end of the grading period is this week, and I have much higher grades now than I ever have had before. I won't really know how this all works out until final exams come around, and STAR Test results come in (next summer!), but so far, things are looking good.

Here are the files from today's lesson:
Lesson 2 (Complex Solutions)
Lesson 2 Keynote
Keynote Quicktime

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Sarah Cannon said...

Thanks for the update on the skills tests. When you said you were doing with the first unit, I was wondering how the assessments were working for you.

I agree that the effectiveness should not be surprising, but that I am still amazed by how the process actually works.